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Sandstone Coven

Sandstone Coven honours the Goddess and the Old Gods, but has no fixed commitment to specific aspects or names of deity. We do not limit ourselves to a single pantheon or a specific ritual style; we are comfortable with variations in ritual style and in personal philosophy.

Members of Sandstone Coven are bound by the Rede and by oaths of mutual support and secrecy. A member of Sandstone is free to also be a member of any other Wiccan coven, grove, study group, or other organization, provided the oaths and obligations of the two groups do not conflict.

The focus of Sandstone's rituals is on Wiccan religious and magickal work. Sandstone meets for the Sabbats (usually in conjunction with the Covenant of Gaia's community Sabbats, though sometimes we hold private Sabbat rites as well), and for monthly esbats. Meeting dates are not strictly tied to the lunar phases, but are adjusted according to members' needs.

Sandstone's membership is closed; we are not currently looking for new members. This listing is provided for information purposes only.

If you have any questions about Sandstone, contact Margarian Bridger .

Image 1997 by Grimnir.

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