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Calgary Pagan Resource Guide:

Compiled by Stephen Hergest as of February, 2017

Note: This is frequently being updated; if you know of anyone I’ve forgotten, please let me know. These are provided for informational purposes only; I do not necessarily endorse all those listed, and some may be inactive. Visit my events calendar and blog at Hergest's Almanack

Local Groups:

Awen Grove
"Celebrating Modern Global Druidry within the Calgary Pagan Community"
Chinook Hills Druidry
"A group of members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) in and around Calgary Alberta Canada."
Calgary Heathens
"Home of the Calgary Heathen and Asatru Community"
Cochrane Wiccan Meetup
"A space for Wiccans in or near Cochrane, Alberta to share news about events, plan gatherings and generally keep in touch."
Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta
"A meeting place for Calgary Wiccans and Pagans"; hosts community Sabbats, monthly Coffee Cauldrons, Winter Mysteries, and Summerfest campout.
Fireweed Teaching Circle
"A course of study in Eclectic Wicca....part of the Black Ring Lineage in the Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta."
Grove of Mysteries/Spira
"A modern pagan religion that has some commonalities with Wicca, Druidism, and Shamanism." Contact for details.


Calgary Pagan Network
"CPN was designed to facilitate communication and networking opportunities for Calgary and area Pagans."
Calgary Pagan Pride Society
Hosts Calgary's Pagan Pride Day.
Circles of Rhythm Drum Circles
Friday night drum circles with 80+ drummers, currently held in Inglewood.
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
"An Interfaith Community of Pagans and their Friends."
Gaia Gathering
Web page of the Canadian National Pagan Conference, to be held in Calgary in 2017.
"The online community of the NeoPagans."
"A worldwide community of over 55,000 members from all beliefs."
PanFest Alberta
"Alberta's Largest Pagan Festival in the Prairies".
Wiccan Together
"The Online Community for Wiccans and Pagans".
The Witches' Voice
a.k.a. 'WitchVox'... "NeoPagan News/Networking on the Net since 1997"

Other Links:

These are mainly links to people who are our friends and acquaintances, or who have otherwise linked to this page. Words in quotes are their own. Includes archival listings for historical purposes.

Beaufort House Index of British Traditional Witchcraft
A genealogical "site index" of English Craft traditions, as of 15 January, 1999.
Blue Moon Wicca
"An introduction to Traditional Wicca"; Circle of the Moonlit Sea, Port St. Lucie, FL
Chimera's Cavern
A friend and blogger from the BC Lower Mainland.
Covenant of the Goddess
A registered multitraditional Wiccan church with members throughout the USA and internationally; has good general information files and provides referrals to member covens and teachers.
Dancing Fairies
Sacred circle dances.
Lady Tiamat's Page
Former National Coordinator of the Pagan Federation International Canada.
Wicca Within the Web
"News for Wiccans & Pagans from a Canadian and global perspective." Roughly a Canadian version of Witchvox, complete with forums and chatrooms.

Books and Craft Supplies:

Beloved Healing Arts Canada
”To complement our extensive line of services we have an amazing assortment of products.”
Calgary New Age Market
” The only New Age Market in the city of Calgary who showcases local Pagan Artists and craftsmanship.”
Divine Mine; Douglas Glen and Royal Oak.
” One of Calgary's best New Age Stores & Wellness Centres”
Emerald Cowboy
”One of Calgary’s friendliest and complete healing and mineral stores”.
Fallen Angel Creations from Above
” A Boutique Store of Healing Energy, Awaking Creative Knowledge, Intuitive Shopping & Meaningful Gifts.”
Friends and Gems Inc., Crossroads Market, 1235-26 Avenue SE.
”In addition to some top quality brands in our store we offer a wide variety of services.”
The Home of Om , 2312 – 4 St SW.
”We believe the answers and abilities to move towards enlightenment are inside each and every one of us.”
New Age Books and Crystals, 140/142 – 10 Street NW
”A sacred space for the modern world,” since 1979.
Nurture Health and Wellness, Crowfoot
”Apothecary for Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.”
Red Moon Curios, Crossroads Market
”Dragons, Gargoyles, Fairies...Curio Shoppe and Alternative Clothing Store!”
Self-Connection Books, 4611 Bowness Road NW.
”Books/gifts, audio/video, events venue and seminar facilities, for health, wellness, personal growth, & spirituality”
The Silver Leaf, Crossroads Market
”Spiritual Tools of the Magical Mystical & Mythical Student”
Son of the Pharaoh, 1512-17 Avenue SW.
” Exquisite handcrafted authentic Egyptian Imports.”
Soul Food Books Etc., 213 – 19 St NW.
” An eclectic online and physical boutique”, since 1999.


Earth Gems, 201, 1022 – 17 Avenue SW.
” Huge variety and very affordable prices.”
Green’s Rock and Lapidary, #6, 3220 – 5 Avenue NE.
“We specialize in serving hobbyists, businesses, rock, mineral and fossil collectors, and those just looking for a really cool gift. “
Komarevich Originals Ltd., 1510-7 Street SW.
” An excellent resource for jewellery tools and supplies, beads, crystals and fossils.”

Herbs and Incense:

Ascention Aromatics , 808 Edmonton Trail NE
” One of the very first retail stores in North America to specialize in the education and selling of essential oils.”
Community Natural Foods
Beltline, Chinook, and Crowfoot


Spirit Quest
Vanessa Cardui

Ritual Blades:

Cutting Edge Cutlery Co., North Hill Centre, 1632-14 Avenue NW.
”A wide selection of collectible knives and swords, as well as various blades for everyday use. “
Dark Age Creations, 508 – 42 Avenue SE.
”Canada’s source for everything Medieval!”


The Art of Tarot, 924 – 17 Ave SW.
”A Multi Media Psychic Resource”
Brigid’s Broom Closet
”The Oldest and Finest Pagan/Heathen Marketplace in Canada Since 1996.”
Celts and Vikings Store
Sells Northern European mythology items - Celtic, Viking and Goth styled) Home Decor, Books, Jewelry, Clothing, and Gifts from both Modern day and ancient.
Circles of Rhythm
"Friday Night Weekly Community Drum Circles”
D.I.C.I.B. (Does It Come in Black?)
”Making striking clothing for strong men and women in both a Custom Couture method and also a ready-to-wear way.”
Elemental Illusions
”Dynamic costuming and leatherwork”
Ghost Hunt Alberta
”Paranormal investigations,tours and events throughout Alberta”
Light Cellar, 6326 Bowness Road NW.
“The largest range of superfoods in Canada”
Mystic Spirit Design
”Magical and ceremonial tools and talismans and gemstone necklaces”
One World Drum Co., 3415b – 26 Avenue SW.
”Your one-stop shop for all things drumming”
Samaria’s Chakra Dance
”Offers Chakradance and Spiritual Dance services”
”Friendly, accurate and experienced psychics willing to meet all your psychic needs.”
Tribal Connection Market, 41 McRae St, Okotoks
” You’ll feel as though you have stepped out of southern Alberta and into another country!”
YYC Ferments
”Fermentation made easy.”

This page last updated February 28, 2017.

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