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At the centre of the circle we honour Spirit, the whole of Nature and the whole Self, where the Elements meet and combine in synergy.

Each of us contains a combination of all the Elements, but rarely are we in perfect balance. In most of us, one or two of the Elements dominate. The balance may shift from time to time. Sometimes we work to make it shift.

There are many artificial systems -- ranging from astrology to analysis of eye and hair colour -- for pigeonholing people into one of the Elements. The only good thing to be said for these techniques is that, if you try enough of them, their results tend to cancel each other out.

The only real way to understand your relationship to the Elements is to understand yourself. You've explored each of the Elements in turn; now it's time to ask yourself how much of each is in your basic nature.

Draw a graph with four axes, labelled with the Elements as shown. Now, how much of each of these is in you? A little Air and a lot of Water? Not much Water, but a lot of Earth? Make a mark on each axis, as in the example shown, then connect the four marks to form a quadrilateral.

Divide the quadrilateral with lines at 45 degrees, and colour each side of it with the appropriate elemental colour.

Have you an overbalance of any one Element? What are its strengths and its faults? Of what Element(s) have you a shortage? What are the issues that keep recurring in your life, and with which Elements are they associated?

A Witch strives for a balanced life. We need not -- nor should we try, except in extreme circumstances -- struggle to alter our basic personalities. But we can work to use our strengths and overcome our flaws, to strengthen our underdeveloped sides and acknowledge our weak spots. Are you Earthy and sturdy and practical? good; that's a strength you can use. But perhaps it means you're also lazy or inflexible. Is the Watery side of your graph almost nonexistent? Then perhaps you have difficulty dealing with emotional issues, or find it hard to trust your intuition when scrying. These are things you may want to work to strengthen -- or you may simply shrug and say, "Scrying's not my thing."

Walk in balance in your life. Know and treasure all the Elements, in yourself and in the world around you. Honour the gods.

That's what being a Witch is about.

Copyright © 1995, 1997, Margarian Bridger
Revised - November 7, 1997

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