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Basics of Wicca

The files in this section are excerpts from some of the lesson materials used in Evergreen Teaching Circle. These are far from constituting a complete study course in Wicca.

In fact, the most important things in Wicca cannot be presented on the Net or in books; they must be experienced directly. Any author or on-line teacher who pretends otherwise is misleading you. There is no such thing as a book that can "make you the equivalent of any Third Degree Priest/ess by the time you finish Chapter Twenty."

If you can possibly find a compatible live teacher in your area with whom to study, this is by far your best choice. Covenant of the Goddess is a reputable Wiccan organization which has members in every part of the USA, and members and contacts in a number of other countries as well. If you cannot find a teacher in your area, or if you wish to supplement your face-to-face studies with some additional materials, perhaps these files will contain a few things you find useful.

All of the files in this section, unless otherwise stated, are copyright © by Margarian Bridger. You may download them for your personal use. You may NOT download or copy them for commercial purposes. If you are a teacher of the Craft who does not ask payment from your students, you may make enough copies for your current students, provided this copyright notice is attached. Please contact Evergreen Tradition to let us know that you are doing this. I also welcome feedback, corrections, and suggestions for additional topics. Please do not ask me to become your teacher or advisor on-line or by correspondence; I am already spending as much time and energy as I can afford on Craft-related matters closer to home.

If you wish to link to any of the files in this section, please link to this page rather than to the individual file.

Considering A Wiccan Apprenticeship
Your Book of Shadows
Ritual Clothing
Ethics: Confidentiality
Ritual Tools
Casting a Circle
Wheel of the Year
The Elements:
Practical Paganism
Greek and Roman
Sumerian and Babylonian
Traditions of Wicca

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