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Air is most commonly honoured with a yellow candle in the East. It is associated with morning and springtime, with travel and communication and intellectual knowledge, and often with maiden goddesses and young or trickster gods.

Read up on Air, as described by a number of different Wiccan authors. Study Air suits in Tarot decks. What are the values and strengths of Air? What are some of its negative aspects?

Cast a circle, invoking all four quarters as usual, but paying special attention to your invocation of Air. Decorate the circle with symbols of Air, burn an Air incense, invoke Air-related deities, etc. Do you know any chants specific to Air? An Air ritual is an especially good time to do workings related to change, travel, communication, or study, to make incense, or to consecrate Air-related tools. At the end of the ritual, thank and dismiss the other Elements, but ask Air to gently guide your learning over the next few days.

During the week, pay attention to the many manifestations of Air in your life. Notice the breeze in your hair, the wind in the treetops, the breath in your lungs, the sounds and smells in the air around you. Wear airy, pastel colours. Pay attention to books and conversation. Are there any unresolved Air-related issues in your life?

At the end of the week, cast another Air-rich circle. Make notes in your BoS about the lessons Air has taught you over the past week. Take a blank sheet of paper and fill it, stream-of-consciousness style, with words and phrases and fragments relating to Air. Thank the powers of Air for the lessons of the past few days, then as you end the ritual bid them a firm "Hail and Farewell."

Take a few days to restore the balance among the Elements in your life before beginning the next exercise.

Copyright © 1995, 1997, Margarian Bridger
Revised - November 7, 1997

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