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Evergreen Teaching Circle

Evergreen Teaching Circle

HPs: Margarian Bridger

HP: Stephen Hergest

Offers First Degree training to compatible seekers, in a small group setting. New students are accepted at several points during the year. Weekly classes consist of a mixture of ritual, discussion, lecture, and hands-on learning sessions. The ideal student is mature, motivated, enjoys reading and writing, and is willing to learn alongside people with varying philosophical approaches to the Craft. Love of chocolate is an asset but is not required. New students are invited to attend three beginner lessons and drop in to a few regular classes before committing to approximately a year and a day of study. NOTE: Students MUST be 18 or older, or 16 with parental consent. Students over 25 are preferred. Intakes take place throughout the year depending on instructor availability.

Candidates for Second Degree training will be considered on an individual basis.

Teachers' qualifications: Margarian: 3 years formal Blackring training. Completed Blackring Third Degree 1998. Teaching Craft since 1994. Professional adult educator since 1986. References available. Hergest: Completed Blackring Third Degree 1998. Teaching Craft since 1996. References available.

Student admission requirement: Interview, five introductory lessons, letter of application, signed contract.

Margarian and Hergest are currently on sabbatical from teaching First Degree classes; please contact our registrar Heather Dawn about our teachers in north, east, and south Calgary.

Attendance requirements: First Degree students must be able to attend classes in Calgary, plus Evergreen sabbats and occasional special events. First degree studies typically require about 300-400 hours of work (class time plus homework) spread out over a year. If you're currently enrolled in university full-time, raising a small child, or juggling three part-time jobs, you might want to consider postponing formal Wiccan studies until your life is a little less hectic.

Evergreen's First Degree program is no longer open to correspondence students. Second Degree students living outside the Calgary area may be considered if they are personally well known to the instructor.

Status upon completion: Eligible to seek initiation into the degree studied for; references and referrals. Coven opening possible but not guaranteed. Temporary assistance if graduating students wish to form a group.